Dog Walking

Walking takes place all over London’s major parks. Variety keeps our walks interesting and provides your dog with endless land to explore and stretch their legs.

During our walks we play and concentrate on dog socialisation to stimulate and nurture positive relationships between dogs as well as humans. Choose either to have your dog walked during the morning, afternoon and evening on weekdays and weekends.

Live Tracking

mapmydogwalkIn association with MapMyDogWalk, London Dog Tour Company can offer you unrivalled insights into your dogs time with us. Using the MapMyDogWalk app, you can keep track of your pet as they enjoy their walk or run with us. Find out more

Dog Running

Running exercises are great for providing structured exercise for you dog. Dogs are warmed up prior to sessions with a light stroll until the pace is naturally quicker than a walk.

All dogs are monitored throughout the session to check for tiredness, overheating and to stop for water breaks. Your dog will be gradually introduced to running with the intensity increasing as his fitness evolves.

Dog Boarding

Boarding takes place at our family home, we will adhere to all of your dog’s needs and special requirements. We are based in Wandsworth in a small house with a medium sized dog-friendly garden where your dog will be free to roam.

All visitors are treated as part of the family with the aim of creating a home away from home and will receive two daily walks as well as sufficient caring attention. We want your dog to feel comfortable and avoid any possible loneliness whilst in our safe hands.